Robin Danner - Author of Historical and Paranormal Romance 

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After a failed wedding, Rowena of Bevelaire is abandoned by her treacherous father and left to the tender mercies of her intended groom, Prince Talin. A dangerous man with his own agenda, Talin could be Rowena’s damnation or destiny.  


To safeguard his people, Prince Talin is determined to do anything, including marry the daughter of his bitter enemy.  But a marriage to Lady Rowena could cost him a kingdom … or his heart.

"The second book in Robin Danner’s Princes Series doesn’t disappoint." ~ Author Ann Gimpel

Prince Mathis wants nothing but peace for his kingdom, while his brother, Prince Talin, is determined to align his own realm with their family’s sworn enemy. Mathis will be damned before he witnesses the ceremony binding his brother to the daughter of their father’s murderer.


Talin’s most trusted captain, Nadia d’Arcy, is ordered to abduct Mathis and bring him by force to Noventia for the wedding, a marriage that’s not what it seems to be.


Mathis and Nadia’s mutual attraction tests both the captain’s loyalty to her prince and Mathis’ already worn patience. As a rebellion threatens all they hold dear, Nadia must choose between the life she’s always known or surrender to the handsome prince who is determined to make her his.

"I get totally swept away with Robin Danner's Princes books." ~ Author Rosanna Leo

One night changes Elizabeth Rawlings’ life forever. Newly married to a much older lord, she’d resigned herself to a cold marriage bed and many lonely nights. She’d been practically sold into slavery by her father and forced to act as a biddable wife to the harsh Duke of Edgemont. What began as a loveless marriage ends in disaster when her husband’s ambition leads him to commit a horrible act against his new bride and ruin the life of his only son.

Jeremy Rawlings’ misspent youth, far away from his father, is fodder for the gossips in London, so he stays away from the capital whenever possible. When his father decides to marry a young heiress, he has no choice but to attend the wedding. His stepmother-to-be is charming and innocent, certainly no match for his unforgiving sire. But when the sins of his father come to light, Jeremy is unable to save the girl he’s come to adore.

The duke’s sudden death frees them both, but rips apart the threads that once held them together. Jeremy leaves England, determined to forget everything and everyone he’s left behind. Elizabeth struggles to renew her faith in mankind and hold onto the unexpected freedom of life as a widow. But to make herself whole again, she needs to see Jeremy and wash away the memory of what happened when she was too weak to protect herself.

Elizabeth goes to Tobago in search of the one man she can’t get out of her mind. Jeremy is the only one can understand her, the only man she can bear to touch her. But soon the bonds of devotion are tested as Elizabeth and Jeremy struggle to rise above their shared past and the obstacles thrown in their way. Determined to save each other from pain, neither are ready to face the truth; that nothing can stop them from falling in love.