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The Princes Bound and Role Reversal

Posted by Robin on September 15, 2013 at 9:35 AM

When I sat down to start writing The Princes Bound shortly after the birth of my first son, I had only a basic plot. Okay, to be completely honest, I mostly just had a title. I’m a pantser, so the story came to me as I wrote.

The princes were easy to create. Mathis is a scholar, who only wants peace for his kingdom. His brother, Talin, is a playboy prince with hidden depths. Nadia, the heroine of The Princes Bound, is where I truly veered off course.

Nadia is Talin’s favorite soldier. She is beautiful, yet skilled in the art of war. She has lived her entire life in the shadow of her father, a knight and the top advisor to the crown of Noventia. Her older brother dies in battle and cements Nadia’s determination to enter the army. She quickly rises to the rank of Captain and is appointed the duty of bringing Mathis to Noventia by whatever means necessary.

It was a joy to write Nadia’s character. Today’s market is filled with angst-ridden heroines, many of whom are plain annoying. (I’m not one to bash online, but I’m sure the readers know who I’m talking about, despite book sales going through the roof!) Nadia is strong and knows what she wants, but she is not used to feeling what she does for Mathis. Yet she is not going to overanalyze her feelings to pieces, a trait which I adore about her.

I also wanted to prove that a historical heroine does not have to be a bluestocking, or a wallflower, or even a debutante. (Although I love those as well!) I wanted a heroine that was fierce and didn’t need a white knight riding to her rescue. If there is any rescuing to be done, Nadia is quite capable of handling it herself.

I would like to say that I had a feminist reasoning behind Nadia, but sadly I didn’t. I just wrote a strong female character that I hope readers relate to.

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